Metal finishing

As part of the fine machining, we use cutting manufacturing processes to refine workpieces in high quality and quality.

Our services
in the field of fine machining

  • Deburring
  • Removal of milling marks
  • Removal of production-related residues from mechanical machining
  • Adjusting freeform surfaces
  • Efficiency optimization for flow components through surface treatment (compressors, turbines)
  • Processing according to 2D drawing specifications and 3D volume model

Target group and areas of application


Cutters and sheet metal processors

Individual to small series



Motor racing

Single part and prototype construction

Food and pharmaceutical industry

Our references

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What we do

Our services

Removal of support structures through high-gloss polishing to glass bead blasting.
Deburring, track removal & adjustments up to efficiency optimization.
Of stainless steel and precious metals, mirror finish in yacht standard, tubes and profiles.
Welded constructions according to DIN, bollards and fairleads, Custom-made products for yacht building.

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